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In Iran Casing, natural casing are washed and cleaned by hands. Traditionally, Natural casing is disinfected by salt. The company ensures you that casings have both natural color and flavor. Chemical parts and mucous membrane are removed carefully. After passing through various stages, the quality of natural casing is classified in three categories by diligent employees. Casing with the A quality signifies that casing is resistant against pressure and there is no gap or hole in it. Casing with the B quality represent that casing is persistent enough for keeping large sausages. Although casing with C quality has lower quality than the type B, it is still used for producing sausage and bologna sausage.

Why casing of Iran is one of the most desirable Casings in the world?

Casing processing in Iran dates back to thousands of years ago. The processed casing of Iran has always been one of the high-demand products worldwide. All the procedures of cleaning and casing processing have been done by hands so far throughout these long-lasting years. Experienced technicians precisely and delicately complete these procedures. It justifies why a large number of customers around the world have shown tendency to supply their casings from Iran. As one of the most reputable companies producing casing in Iran, Iran Casing, with more than 25 years of industry experience, has had the honor to produce and supply natural beef and sheep casings. Our company has gained such remarkable success in the marketplace among both European and The Central Asian countries. Natural casing that is produced by Iran Casing has premium quality for manufacturing sausage. Natural casing of Iran Casing Company is characterized by the following features:

Absorbing steam while cooking

Having Natural color

Being fresh and tender while cooking

Having elasticity while being stuffed

Maintaining the taste of sausage without conveying its flavor to it

Showing high resistance against pressure and tear