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Iran Casing, an exporter of casing in Iran

25-year experience

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As one of the most creditable companies producing casing in Iran, Iran Casing, with more than 25 years of work experience, has had the honor to produce and supply natural beef and sheep casings. The company has gained such remarkable success in the given market among both European and The Central Asian countries. Natural casing that is produced by Iran Casing has expectedly premium quality for manufacturing sausage.


Sheep casing is the smallest type of casing which is externally semitransparent.


Compared to sheep casing, beef casing enjoys having larger caliber.

Iran casing

25-year experience

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an exporter of casing in Iran

Iran casing, with 25 years of working experience, produces and supplies premium sheep and beef casings. The company exports its productions to more than 15 countries including Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and other countries of Central Asia. Casings that are produced in Iran recognize globally. Varna Casing is the trade name of this renowned company in countries such as Russia and countries enlisted in both Eurasian Customs Union and European Union. The contribution of Iran Casing with many international agents has led to tremendous accomplishments for the company in connection with producing and supplying casing. Offering competitive prices, packing productions hygienically, and supplying superior productions are amongst the distinguishable features of this reputable company. The creditability of Iran Casing has been approved by...

Why casing of Iran is one of the most desirable Casings in the world?

Casing processing in Iran dates back to thousands years ago. The processed casing of Iran has
always been one of the products in demand worldwide. All the processes of cleaning and
processing of casings have been done by hands so far throughout these long-lasting years.
Experienced experts are those who precisely and delicately have made attempts to do this. It
justifies why a large number of consumers around the world has shown tendency to supply their casings from Iran.